Irene Kamaratou– Giallousi was born in Karpathos and grew up in Pireas -Greece.

She is married to the doctor V. Giallousis and is the mother of two children. She taught English and she studied Italian while living in Italy.

She is currently in charge of
MENSA’s Gifted Children sector and she writes articles for a local newspaper. She is a full member of Hellenic Society for the Educational provision for the Creative / Gifted / Talented Children and Adolescents (Δη. Χα. Τα. Π.Ε.)

Through her books, she tries to simplify each difficult concept that a child may come across by making use of fable.

Beyond children’s books, in 1999 she entered a different literary genre for adults, with her novel “OPENINGS”.

Several fairy tales of hers have been staged by many schools, and they have also been adapted for dance performances.

The books of Irene Kamaratou – Giallousi have been honored with numerous distinctions.

The writer herself often lectures in schools, specifically on subjects concerning child education. She has taken part in broadcast panel discussions regarding children’s books and the way in which these should be approached by children, as well as their parents.

The internationally renowned Greek painter Alekos Fasianos has graced her books with his wonderful illustrations.

Her book "The tree of happiness" (illustration by A. Fasianos) became a part of the collection in the library of the
KLINGSPOR - museum of modern books in Germany.

Her last book ,"Animals' Races", was published (2002) for the Olympic Games and it is an official "
Athens 2004" product. Through the allegory of the fable, concepts such as "antagonism" and "keen competion" are clarified for the children.

Since then, she has written 43 books. Her last book is "Stubborn Rose" published by
  1. JUDGE PIGEON   Published by Lotus – Ellinika Grammata
  2. THE STRANGE ORCHARD  Published by Pergamini
  3. THE STONE BIRD  Published by Athina 
  4. THE GOLDEN PRISON  Published by Athina
  5. THE BOY AND THE HOPE Published by Athina
  6. "Being Lazy"  Published by psichogios
  7. "Jealous Anthony"  Published by psichogios
  9. THE SHY GIRL Published by psichogios
  10. DO I LOOK LIKE A MONKEY? Published by psichogios
  11. ANGRY THIMIOULIS  Published by psichogios
  12. ............................................... Published  by  Mikri  Militos
  13. THE BANGLES OF THE BIRDS,  illustration by Alekos Fasianos
    Published  by Taxideutis
  14. ...........................................  Published  by  Mikri  Militos
  15. The  robot with the real diamond   Published  by  Mikri  Militos
  16. MY DOLL THE BRIDE  Published by psichogios
  17. Bouboukobibikia Published by Kedros
  18. THE MAGIC TEARS OF THE LITTLE FOX  Published by Lotus – Ellinika Grammata
  19. THE MAGIC PALETTE  Published by Kastor
  20. MR LIFE-BELT HAHAHA  Published by Synchroni Epochi
  21. THE TREE OF HAPPINESS  , illustration by Alekos Fasianos Published byPeripllous
  22. OPENINGS (A novel) , illustration by Alekos Fasianos, Published by Lotus – Ellinika Grammata
  23. THE RED FRUIT , Published by Lotus – Ellinika Grammata
  24. THE FLOWER STRANGER , Published by Synchroni  Epochi
  25. THE EXTRA -TERRESTRIAL’S BIRDS , Published by Lotus-Ellinika Grammata
  26. "Animals' Races",
    Published by editions 4
  27. ........................................, Published by Mikri  Militos
  28. THE BOY WITH THE BIG NOSE, Published by psichogios
  29. THE JOURNEY OF THE SMART AND THE SLY SEEDS , published by Synchroni Epochi
  30. LITTLE LIAR , Published by psichogios
  31. NAUGHTY BOY , Published by psichogios
  32. Kazantsakis , Published  by Taxideftis
  33. "Theofilos"   Published  by Taxideftis
  34. "Aristotle" Published  by Taxideftis
  35. "Socrates" , Published  by Taxideftis
  36. Crafty Mikey,   Published by psichogios
  37. Stubborn Rose , Published by psichogios
  38. THE NAGGING GIRL, Published by psichogios
  39. JUDGE PIGEON , Published  by "Agyra"
  40. ................., Published  by Agyra